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VIGRX부루펜nullvia.comVIGRX일회용알콜솜|검증된놀이터 | 베타딘klmⓟⓠ

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN--() June 14, 2012 -- Despatch Industries, the leader in thermal process technologies for carbon fiber production, announces that the company is once again partnering with the Australian Carbon Fibre Research Facility (ACFRF), a Deakin University research facility developed in partnership with the Victorian Centre of Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM), to provide carbon fiber production equipment. A complete CFR, Carbon Fiber Research production line will be installed alongside the 20 ton per annum carbon fiber pilot line already under construction at the research facility located at the University's Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus in Victoria, Australia.

“We feel that Despatch's CFR micro-scale production line will be a great complement to the fully integrated, pilot-scale line we are installing in our new facility,” states Associate Professor Bronwyn Fox of Deakin University. “Having both production lines available will allow us to be even more flexible in the size and scope of our experiments. This, in turn, will enhance our capacity to perform internationally relevant research and development activities. With this equipment at our disposal we will be able to achieve our goal of advancing the quality of carbon fiber materials and expanding the application base.”

“The acquisition of the CFR from Despatch really adds another layer of capability to ACFRF‘s already impressive suite of equipment and indicates that, through the continuing support of the Victorian State Government, we are serious about taking our place in the global carbon fibre community” said Brad Dunstan of VCAMM. “Our local and international industry partners are very excited about the ability to progress fibre development from the laboratory bench to a full pilot line all within the secure ACFRF Facility.” he went on to say. “The flexibility of the CFR line and its ability to be reconfigured so easily is, once again, a credit to Despatch’s engineering team.”

CFR is a complete carbon fiber production line with fully integrated services and control platform, in a micro-scale package. CFR users are fully equipped to run PAN trials without production line disruption, perform analytical data collection and experiment with variable hardware configurations and process parameter variations. Despatch‘s CFR includes the company’s world-leading center-to-ends oxidation ovens and multi-zoned LT and HT furnaces. Despatch offers a sophisticated sub-system that includes surface treatment, sizing and drying. An integrated control platform for accurate, centralized control, higher levels of automation and increased flexibility of the micro-line line is also available. Despatch offers the CFR line as a complete system or as independent equipment pieces.

“Our new CFR equipment range is the perfect tool set for research institutions, universities and leading carbon fiber manufacturers,” states Steve Atkiss, Despatch Carbon Fiber CTO. “We are pleased to work with Deakin University and VCAMM on this new project for the ACFRF and to continue our partnership.”

Despatch Industries is the expert in thermal process technology. For over forty years, carbon fiber manufacturers have utilized our world-leading oxidation technology to produce the highest quality and most uniform fiber. We offer the experience and knowledge to provide fully integrated lines for small and large tow. Recent Despatch advancements enable our global customers to achieve the lowest cost per kilogram of fiber produced. For more information on Despatch visit our website:Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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